Will Functional Medicine Help You in Your Health Care?

The Institute for Functional Medicine notes that approximately 50 percent of Americans have at least one chronic health condition, and 25 percent of Americans have two or more. Additionally, chronic conditions make up approximately 86 percent of health care costs. The role that functional medicine facilities such as Denver functional health play in these health care decisions is to provide improved outcomes over traditional health care methods.

The end result is cost-savings to the patient, and improved health overall. If you are wondering if functional medicine works, and if it can help you, learn more about this model here.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a kind of medicine that looks at chronic disease from its foundation. It then works from the foundation to the everyday life skills that these chronic diseases touch. A standard appointment with a functional medicine practitioner will be longer.

They are not just treating the symptom you are there for today. Rather, they are asking you more questions about why this symptom is happening, and what can we do to stop that. A disease-focused treatment plan is not the only thing that happens in functional medicine.

In functional medicine, you will be treated according to what is going on in your life when you struggle with a chronic condition. Your lifestyle, your environment, and genetic risks are all taken into account. This medicine takes a holistic approach, but is not to be confused with a strict naturopath approach.

You get your medicine, plus an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan based on what is going on in your life today. You might learn for example that maybe you shouldn’t walk upstairs more than once a day. A traditional doctor may not go to the trouble of helping you figure that out.

With this kind of medicine, you learn what function you have less of in your life. It then works to repair this and bring this function back, or treat the problem accordingly.

Does Functional Medicine Work?

Functional medicine does work and this is why centers such as Denver Functional Health are rising in frequency today. A study conducted by the Cleveland Clinic examined several hundred patients. Some underwent functional medicine treatment, others underwent traditional health care treatment plans.

Of those that underwent functional medicine treatments, 31 percent of patients saw an improvement in their lives. Approximately 22 percent of patients in primary care traditional treatment plans saw improvements in theirs. This is the most frequently cited study to indicate functional medicine works.

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