Ways to Show Your Appreciatation

It feels wonderful when people wave at you, smile, and give you a compliment you didn’t expect to hear. When did you last thank someone? Did you mean it? So many people work hard or do important things without hearing anything positive from others. Daily good deeds are often dismissed as ordinary, but these little actions are meaningful. A few words or gestures can completely improve someone’s day.

Say Something

It doesn’t take long to say something kind to another person. You know the obvious: people can’t read minds. What would happen if you said more of your hopeful, generous thoughts aloud. If you’ve seen the same parking attendant for months and don’t know the person’s name, introduce yourself or just say “hi.” Even simple comments about the weather can provide great opportunities to thank the person for the hard work. What you say to others often causes ripples.

Write Something

When you’re grateful for people who you don’t talk to regularly or can’t meet in person, a well-crafted card to a person is an easy way to express your appreciation. Make kindness cards where you list all that you appreciate about the person. Share a poem that contains the sentiments you want to share. Personalize the writing by sharing stories of times when these people made a difference in your day–from helping you cope with large hardships to relieving your stress on a busy day.

Do Something in Return

Use your instincts. What would this person like? A family member might appreciate it if you took on extra chores. Co-workers and strangers might only want to get to know you better. Pay attention to what other people like and what you like. Find opportunities to return favors or show gratitude. You could take people to concerts or offer to catsit.

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Don’t assume that people who do good deeds realize that people appreciate them. Show them, thank them, and follow their examples.