Understanding and Solving Neuropathy

Neuropathy is a potentially serious condition that patients won’t always know that they have. It’s characterized by peripheral nerve irregularities and damage. Some people won’t even have recognizable symptoms at first. Patients who suspect that they might have neuropathy shouldn’t ignore it, especially because neuropathy is frequently the symptom of a different disease.

Underlying Causes

Many conditions can cause neuropathy because so many different diseases are capable of harming the nerves. Diabetics can often develop a specific type of neuropathy. It’s not possible to address their nerve pain without controlling their overall blood glucose levels.

However, people shouldn’t assume that they have diabetes if they start experiencing neuropathy. Some toxins can cause these problems. People who have been injured recently might also suffer from lingering nerve dysfunction. It’s also possible for some infections to lead to these symptoms, which can eventually get worse.

Nerve Damage

Some neuropathy patients feel weak, and others have aches and sharp pains. While it’s possible to develop these issues all throughout the body, the hands and other extremities are particularly vulnerable. Neuropathy symptoms are often more disruptive when they occur in the feet, since patients may have a harder time walking.

The people who cope with these problems by avoiding physical activities might develop atrophied muscles and other health consequences. They should avoid letting the problem progress this far. Neuropathy itself is treatable, and it sometimes requires its own set of management methods.

Solving Issues

There are plenty of options for neuropathy treatment St. Augustine FL. Some patients need medication that targets pain directly. Many topical treatments and lotions help with pain.

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Other medications must be ingested regularly. Patients have sometimes gotten good results with anti-seizure treatments and certain antidepressants. People who have had neuropathy for long enough might eventually need physical therapy as well.