Unbelievable DUI Facts That Will Surprise You

Driving under the influence is against the law around the world because of the increased risks involved with the rising number of cars on the highways each year. As the number of inebriated drivers grows, so do the problems associated with those drivers. Here are some unbelievable (but true) DUI facts that will surprise you.

1.  Fatalities

During weekends and nights, more people report that they drink for pleasure and to relax. That may be why almost half of the traffic fatalities last year involved alcohol in some way. In fact, more than 16,000 people are killed every year in a vehicle that was caused by a drunk driver.

2. People

Drunk drivers cause more than vehicle deaths. Around the world, it is claimed that a drunk driver kills a person every half hour. If that wasn’t enough to make you shake your head, researchers have also found that someone is injured every two minutes in an accident related to alcohol consumption.

3. Arrests

Drinking is a popular past time, so it is not surprise that more than 300,000 people reportedly drive while intoxicated every day. What is surprising is that 4,000, or less than 1.33 percent, of those drunk drivers are arrested. The numbers are certainly high enough to keep a DUI attorney Fairfax VA very busy.

4. Numbers

Believe it or not, more than 30 million drivers admit they operate a vehicle each year while intoxicated. That is almost 10 percent of the 330 million people living in the United States. With so many inebriated people on the road, it may come as no surprise that 28 people are killed every day in a crash caused by a drunk driver.

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Although it is against the law, more people than ever before are consuming alcohol and driving while under the influence. To be safe, stay alert while you drive, and watch out of signs of intoxication in other drivers.