Treatment Modalities of the Chiropractic Physician

Alternative Medicine has been the cornerstone of treatment modalities for patients seeking other treatments outside of the traditional physician. One form of alternative care is Chiropractic medicine, which is focused on therapies that revolve around the musculoskeletal system. The first thought some patients may have when they hear chiropractic medicine is a car accident. While they are most popular in therapies revolving around rehabilitation after an auto-accident, many people who may have joint pain, muscle imbalances, or skeletal abnormalities may see a chiropractic doctor to aid them.

The body moves around because of the skeleton and muscles that act like a pulley system. Not all skeletons are created equally so there will be imbalances. Chiropractor’s focus on realigning muscles and skeletal system to help prevent disease by manual manipulation therapy. This is a great alternative to increase strength and mobility in the body without the use of drugs. What makes chiropractors unique is that they look at the body holistically. This means they look at the body and the environment they live in. For example, sitting in your wallet as a male can cause spine imbalances as the pelvis raises its angle on one side.

A chiropractor will be able to notice this imbalance when presenting to the clinic because the muscles have become accustomed to the new body posture. The physician may then manipulate the body and rehabilitate it so that it returns to a normal healthy state. This can help prevent injuries to joints, increase lung expansion when breathing, and prevent putting pressure on certain organs. Chiropractors can be viewed in a better more useful light if they are looked at as a form of physical therapy. They offer exercises that increase mobility through stretches, massage, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and hot and cold modalities. Chiropractors are not just “joint crackers”.

One joint misalignment that plagues many is vertebral subluxation. The vertebral column, also known as the spinal column. Serves as literally and figuratively the backbone of the human body. It serves as the attachment point for big muscle groups, it connects the ribs to form the thoracic cavity, and it houses the central nervous system which is the electrical system of the body. Subluxation is when the individual vertebral bodies become misaligned and narrow the canal that the spinal cord runs through. This can cause problems since the spinal cord is a vital organ for many functions of the body.

Chiropractors can use imaging studies, like x-rays, to see where subluxations are and use long-term manipulation techniques to open up the canal that the spinal cord runs through. Because the scope of chiropractors does not extend to surgery or medicines if conditions like subluxations are severe the patient may get referred to another healthcare specialist. Medical practitioners of chiropractor Melbourne FL offer all the treatment modalities that normal chiropractors train in.

Chiropractic medicine is a great alternative for treatment in certain pains like back pain without the use of drugs. Rehabilitation and Musculoskeletal manipulations help in treating many of the elements of skeletal abnormalities. In conjunction with other treatment modalities and healthcare, professional chiropractors can offer great healthcare to those seeking alternative medicines.