Treating Female Infertility With Western Herbal Medicine

Treating Female Infertility With Western Herbal Medicine

Female infertility is a world wide problem and it affects almost half of the women trying to conceive, especially after the age of 30. Depending on its cause infertility can be treated either with prescribed drugs, like Clomid, surgery, like laparoscopy or assisted fertilization methods like IVF. Some of the treatments can be very expensive and most likely not covered by the insurance policy and this is why more and more women seek help in alternative therapies like yoga, aromatherapy, hypnosis and so on.

One of the most ancient techniques brought back into light is herbal medicine, that was used everywhere around the world when there were no such things as pills or fertilization clinics or in vitro fertilization. Either you go with Western medicine or Chinese one, only one thing is important: gather first all the possible data about the plants and methods you are going to use, check with a specialist and make sure there aren’t any contraindications that may affect you.

From the WESTERN MEDICINE, herbs that stimulate the necessary hormones for the reproductive processes are: red clover blossoms, lady’s mantle, wild yam, wild raspberry, false unicorn root and chaste berry. Red clover blossoms restore and balance hormonal functions due to the high levels of calcium and magnesium in the plant. Lady’s mantle focuses on the uterus, strengthening its lining, healing any wounds and protecting the membranes by regulating the blood flow. Wild yam contains a substance that is considered to be the precursor of progesterone, the hormone that acts in the uterus preparing a pregnancy. The plant helps in regulating the level of hormones from the body and keeping the uterus raspberry is also a very good source of calcium, invigorating the uterus and preparing it for a pregnancy. This is very good if you have already had one or more miscarriages. False unicorn root is the plant that focuses on the functions of the ovaries. It has the role to stimulate them and the egg production and maintain the hormonal balance. Chaste berry, taken as an extract, has been proven to be helpful in cases of ovarian insufficiency and elevated levels of prolactin, due to its unique proprieties.

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ATTENTION: If you believe that you are pregnant stop using false unicorn roots and wild yams! And keep in mind that these are not overnight solutions. Most of the teas must be drunk on a regular basis, for several months to notice any improvements.