Top Insomnia Cures – The Top 4

Top Insomnia Cures – The Top 4

There are a number of cures for insomnia but in this article I will state my top insomnia cures. These include a number of natural and unnatural methods but all are tried and tested to produce great results.

1. The first is simply getting into a routine, your body and mind for that matter, likes routine, if you can go to sleep at a certain point each day and wake up and the same point after a while it will become a lot easier to get up early, even if you do not suffer from insomnia you must know that. This is because your body adapts to the times you need awake and asleep. People usually notice this pattern when starting a new job, in the first few weeks it is difficult to adapt but after a while you get used to it and hence find it easier.

2. Exercise – This is an important part to generally stay healthy, everyone knows that exercise is important for general life but in terms of insomnia exercise is important for a number of reasons, the first is that it simply tires you out so when it comes to going to sleep you will find it easier as your body is more tired. The next is that exercise helps relieve stress, which if you have read any of my previous insomnia articles you know is the number one cause for insomnia.

3. Relaxation – This can be broken down to 3 main processes the first is simple anything that relaxes you this can be a warm bath, relaxing outside with a book or simple speaking to your family. The second is body relaxation; this may be getting a massage or going for a swim or a run. The third is what I like to call mind relaxation for me I always choose meditation but again you may choose reading a book or yoga, whatever your preference is.

4. Temperature – It is important to keep your body temperature constantly warm but not too hot. If you have ever tried to fall asleep outdoors or in a very hot country without any air conditioning you will know that if you are at an uncomfortable position you will not be able to sleep as your body is not the optimum temperature for sleep. An important point to remember is that your sleep receptors are in your feet so if your feet are cold you will struggle to get to sleep.