To Eat Junk Food or Not To Eat Junk Food – That Is The Question

I’m always surprised and confused with people who want to lose weight but still eat lots and lots of junk food. Almost every one who says they are “trying” to lose weight have a house full of all kinds of junk food instead of healthy food.
Often, people say they are really trying hard to lose weight but have cupboards and fridges full of candy, sugary cereals, soft drinks, and other unhealthy foods.
The thing that confuses me is that if these people really wanted to lose weight, how come their cupboards and fridges are still full of junk food!?
What you have to realize is that once you give up the junk food, you will start to feel better and you will have more energy. Also, you will inevitably get leaner and look better. This will boost your confidence and make you happier. Remember that next time you are about to stuff your face with chips.
Also, remember that eating healthy doesn’t have to mean eating boring food one meal after another. You have so many healthy choices available to you. You can experiment a little with healthy foods you have never tried before and add new fun meals to your daily routine… This is a lot better than the same junk food you eat week after week.
You will begin to really like the variety of flavors that real food have to offer. And eventually, you’ll no longer need the extremely sweet or extremely salty foods you have gotten used to. You won’t even like them anymore.
There are healthy alternatives to just about anything.
Here are a few examples:
1. Instead of a chocolate candy bar, have a few pieces of extra-dark chocolate.
2. Instead of fried chicken and fries, have grilled chicken with peanut sauce and veggies.
3. Instead of a burger on white bread, have a grass-fed burger with raw grass-fed cheese on a sprouted grain roll.
You don’t have to give up flavor for your health. These healthy alternatives are really tasty foods and they’re great for you.
In summary, make healthier food choices and enjoy the variety of flavors real food has to offer. With time, you’ll no longer need junk food.

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