TMJ Medicine – Your TMJ Treatment Options

TMJ Medicine – Your TMJ Treatment Options

TMJ or Temporo Mandibular joint disorder happens due to a lot of factors. The causes comprise of improper alignment of the jaw, side effects of drugs, bruxism, and rheumatoid arthritis. This disease leads to a lot of jaw pain, headaches, earaches, difficulty in eating and performing any activity involving mouth and neck muscles. If you suspect that you suffer from this problem first thing you should do is visit your dentist, he or she is best qualified to establish a proper diagnosis and recommend the right TMJ medicine for you.

The immediate treatment prescribed might comprise of aspirin (for the pain), muscle relaxation drugs, and heat treatments for your jaw. The doctor might also want you to follow a diet of soft foods, avoiding teeth grinding, and jaw clenching, and avoiding chewing gums. This diet will sort of protect your jaw for a few days until it recovers. If all these relief methods don’t help then steroids or botox injections can be recommended by your physician. Various stress relieving methods are also recommended, sometimes as the main part of the treatment and sometimes as a follow up.

If this treatment or the TMJ medicines given to you do not work then your doctor can refer you to visit a surgeon specializing in this area. There are different kinds of surgeries surgeon can use to remove the material from the joint and rebuild your joint. However, surgery must only be seen as a last alternative, if all other treatments fail.

Besides the conventional treatments many victims have discovered relief through a mix of natural therapies like massages and exercises created to strengthen the joints and provide relief to the muscles. Alternative therapies often provide a much better results in relieving this problem, and they are also side effects free and very low cost.

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