Tips for Transitioning a Parent to Assisted Living

Watching your parents get older and less independent is an emotional and often stressful experience. These emotions are amplified when you make the decision to move them into assisted living Louisiana MO. Even if your parent is willing to move into a facility, there can be fear, sadness, and uncertainty. Here are a few tips to help your parent transition to assisted living as smooth as possible.

Validate Their Concerns

People want to be heard. Trying to rid them of fears might actually make them more upset. Instead, listen to what they tell you about how they feel and validate it. Tell them you share similar worries, but you will be there to work through it with them. Having open communication and being honest about the situation will do much more than trying to put a positive spin on everything and ignoring the real feelings at play.

Give it Time

As with all big transitions, it is going to take time for both you and your parent to settle into this new normal. It is common for them to feel homesick and lonely. It’s hard to watch, but know that the thing that will help them most is time. It might take a few months or as long as a year, but they will eventually feel at ease in their new home.

Visit Often

Especially in the beginning, before your parent has found friends in their new home, visiting them once or twice a week can really help them transition more smoothly. They need someone to talk to, and someone to sit with them in their discomfort. If it’s hard for you to go that often, schedule shifts with other family members and friends. Whatever you do, don’t make them feel like they’ve been forgotten or that they are a burden to you.

This is a huge transition in your parent’s life, as well as your own. It can feel impossibly hard, but with the proper perspective and support, you will both make it through and be better off in the end.