Tips and Tricks – Treat Toothache With Traditional Medicine

Tips and Tricks – Treat Toothache With Traditional Medicine

If we are experiencing a toothache, actually around us are already available medications. Whether it’s seasoning, spices and even our favorite fresh fruit. Better to use traditional medicine instead of using chemical drugs. And apparently this is the first attempt to treat your toothache before going to the dentist.

Here are some traditional medicine is all around us that can help cure a toothache.

Grains pepper. Take a few grains of pepper and puree, and then sprinkle on top tooth which is sick. Spicy flavor of peppers can kill germs and bacteria on the teeth that hurt.

Dry roasted cloves and puree, then dab on a sore tooth use of cotton. Cloves are also able to overcome bad breath.

Chewing garlic and raw onion on the sore tooth. Garlic and onions can kill bacteria and germs in the mouth. But, you must stand the smell of garlic that sting.

Cut the tip of the green chilies and then burn after it was tacked to the sore tooth.

Abutilon indicum leaves can be used as traditional medicine to treat toothache. The way is to grab a few sheets of Abutilon indicum leaves and then boiled with a glass of water. After boiling, lift, and then let it stand a few moments. In warm, drinking and gargle.

Chew some fruit Averrhoa bilimbi, mixed with a little salt, chewing with teeth that hurt.

Use a saline solution mixed with warm water. Then gargle the tooth area that was sick.

To treat sore gums, you can use datura fastuosa root, rubbing on the gums that are sore.

Before you go to the dentist, you can use natural remedies for first aid on the sore tooth. And good tips and tricks can provide new insights for all of you.


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