The Skinny On Acid Reflux And How To Treat It

People who suffer from acid reflux know just how miserable it can be. They can’t sleep thanks to its symptoms. After each meal, pain occurs. This is why you have to tackle your problem. Follow these helpful tips to put an end to your problem.

If you’re suffering from acid reflux while sleeping, try putting a wedge below your mattress. It raises up your head, keeping symptoms from increasing. Wood, books, and other items can be used to increase the elevation of your mattress. Some electronic beds will allow you to incline them easily.

Stop smoking if you want to get rid of acid reflux. Smoking can worsen or even cause acid reflux. It slows both digestion and saliva production, while encouraging the body to produce more stomach acid. It also weakens the muscles that keep your stomach closed tight. That’s one more reason it is a great idea to quit.

To help alleviate acid reflux symptoms, try eating less spicy food. Spicy foods can cause your stomach to produce more acid. Avoid these items and you will feel better right away.

After meals, consider a stick of cinnamon gum. Chewing increases saliva production inside your mouth. Saliva helps neutralize the acids in the stomach. In addition, people swallow more when they chew gum, which allows any acid that may be in the esophagus to be cleared away. If not cinnamon gum, fruit flavors work as well. Chewing minty gum is not a good option since it can relax your esophagus and cause acid reflux.

When you have acid reflux, you can benefit greatly from raising the top of your bed up. Use anything from books to bricks to increase the incline. Raise the head of the bed about six inches. This will prevent stomach acid from rising during the night.

Intense periods of physical activity may be the cause of your acid reflux. You should drink plenty of water. When you drink more water, your body is hydrated sufficiently. Additionally, it helps you digest your food. Water aids in food digestion and reduces stomach acid production, which will improve your acid reflux.

Certain foods are more likely to trigger acid reflux symptoms in almost all individuals. You should avoid these types of foods to prevent bouts of acid reflux. For example, you might steer clear of drinks like milk, coffee, acidic fruit juice and carbonated sodas. Hot, spicy and fatty foods are best avoided.

Were you aware that the forming tendency of acid or the alkaline in a food doesn’t really have anything to do with a food’s pH level? Foods that seem acidic, such as lemons, become alkaline after digesting them. This is confusing if you suffer from acid reflux. Learn the pH of foods if you have acid reflux.

You need to put an end to your misery with these tips. Those who drive themselves to succeed always do. Work towards ending your acid reflux by applying the knowledge you learned here wherever you are able to. Before you know it, you will be feeling yourself again.

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