The Secrets of Making “Healthy” Delicious

Everybody knows that we should eat fruits and vegetables, raw nuts, not so much meat or cheese. There is nothing secret about healthy cuisine. The secret is making delicious food as healthy as it can possibly be. Therefore, let’s focus on how to make food delicious.

It would be easy to write up some drivel about how using fresh ingredients or cooking with love will make your favorite recipes that much tastier, but I wanted to let you in on the secrets of great culinary creations. Everybody knows that stuff about freshness and cooking from the heart.

The first secret to great cooking is that every delicious dish needs some combination of the following:

Oil or grease — yes, it is true that humans like fat. The key is to choose high-quality and healthy fats such as those found in olive oil or grapeseed oil. Lard is OK once in a while.

Salt — It may be a health faux pas, but there is a reason that your favorite restaurants serve food that is, actually, dangerously high in sodium. The human brain is hard-wired for salt. It’s like a drug. I won’t go into the reasons why, but it boils down to tens of thousands of years of evolution during which salt was hard to get. Every dish needs some salt. Use sea salt to keep the sodium level down a bit.

Sweetness — the body breaks everything down to glucose or sugar. All of our energy comes from sugar. Sweet food tastes so good because it provides a quick burst of energy. Every delicious dish will have some level of sweetness. The key is to keep this element to a minimum and use fruits or sweet vegetables (such as onions or squash) to add this flavor to your dish.

Sourness — every delicious dish will have some level of sour flavor. This is why we add things like vinegar to so many recipes. Use apple cider vinegar or real balsamic vinegar. Apple cider vinegar contains a lot of potassium and mitigates the acidity caused by sugar.

Heat — Ever wondered why apple pie needs cinnamon? It is because every delicious thing has some level of heat or spiciness. You will want to use fresh spices.

The second secret of great cooking is… well, it will remain a secret for now. But if you keep in mind that all delicious dishes need the five flavors above, you will be well on your way.

If you are wondering what makes me qualified to discuss excellent cooking, it is that I have been described as the Greatest Culinary Artist on the Planet by my wife, and she should know.

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