The Evolution of Energy Work In Massage Therapy

The Evolution of Energy Work In Massage Therapy

Dr. Rolf the founder of Structural Integration and Dr. William Garner Sutherland the founder of cranial sacral therapy both were bucking the tide with their inquiry into energy of electricity and magnetism. It was just not fashionable in the early 1900. Any experiences of practitioners of their era or today for that matter, who espoused the rhetoric of energy medicine, were considered quacks, fakes, or if successful in their technique, that success was due to the placebo effect. I believe its imperative in a massage continuing education course, to focus on the value of energy work in all technique!

Dr. Rolf was very aware how important it was to separate herself from any inquiry that wasn’t fashionable. Stating that healing with energy fields would have been considered a mere fantasy and would have be ridiculed. Even though she has earned a Ph.d from Columbia University in Biochemistry, she steered way clear of any reference to the value of tuning into and running energy while doing healing work. Talk about who are the real quacks. Energy field work has been practiced since ancient times. One only need journey to any culture that practiced shamanism to know that their energy work was effective due to their manipulation of invisible energies.

There has been a battle raging for centuries, very much like the ancient Chinese when Chuang Tsu battled with HsunTsu philosophically, concerning the nature of mankind. In the West it was the Mechanists and the Vitalist who stood on opposing sides of the fence. The Mechanists believed all life can be described as obeying certain laws of chemistry and physics. The Vitalists describe the mysterious life forces that can’t be seen. This battle has been raging throughout the globe, much like Republicans and Democrats of today.

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Prior to 1910 physicians used electricity to treat a number of ailments that were brought to their practices. After 1910 all medicine was based on the science of the time, even tough metaphysics is only the physics we don’t know of today. The ruling establishment even made the use of electricity in treatment illegal. Hmmm, sounds like a familiar pattern. As I have stated in a previous article Dr. Harold Burr, with stellar credentials that allowed him to be tenured at Yale, went on to prove the existence of energy fields. Today we have “scientific” tools that irrefutably prove the existence of energy fields around the body. Thirty years ago the FDA began to approve the use of electrical and magnetic devices to improve bone health. This was a beginning of what has been call electromagnetic medicine. Now there are a whole new array of devices that are being produced to help to protect us from all the electromagnetic devices that we use in our everyday life. Many of which are also considered quackery. Go figure.