The Essentials of Software – Revisited

Main Advantages of Using Salon Software

The way you make your clients feel valued can spell the difference between keeping them and losing them to your competitor. Different salons use different ways of running the business. Some depend on the old traditional paper filling system for managing their clients’ data. For others, it’s time to be more efficient, and this is a goal they can reach with the help of salon software. Salon systems offer automation for most salon processes and can even help in other areas of running a salon.

Do you have plans of investing in software? Do you want to maximize your benefits from your current system? If so, consider these benefits of using a salon system that helps you bring in new clients as well as maintain your current ones:

Pre-booking Invitation

A good way of ensuring your clients come back is to ask them if they want to book another appointment before they exit the salon. There are salon software solutions that ask the hairdresser or therapist whether the client would like to book a future appointment before or after payment is received. Your system should provide reports as well on clients who are already overdue for their appointments, so you can send personalised email or text messages to them directly as a reminder.

Easy Booking Process

With salon software, clients have a 24/7 system which lets them set their own wherever and whenever they wish. Clients can even request a specific stylist they want. Salon software can warn you of any no-shows ahead of time. The two-way text messaging that usually comes with systems is simple and can used to forward personalized text messages to a number of people en masse. Your system can use this for your marketing effort.

Loyalty System

Begin a loyalty scheme to help keep clients coming back on a regular basis. You can even program discounts for customers who bring along a friend. Or you can book them both at the same time. Salon systems let you store details regarding each client you have – for example, their birthday, their favorite TV shows and magazines, or how they like their tea. With the client’s information, you can help you make their experience of your salon more fun and unforgettable.

Stock Management

Aside from using your system for clients and for setting appointments, you can use it to manage your stock as well. You can use it for counting stock, as well as for determining the products you use the most, which means you can order only what you actually need. A few systems will also keep track of your stock levels and probably even order your stock automatically if you’re running low.

A Simple Plan For Researching Systems

What You Should Know About Salons This Year

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