The Dangers and Allusions of Weight Loss

The dangers of weight loss have been obscured by the alluring “results” that are so heavily marketed by business looking to fatten their wallet. These self-proclaimed “miracle” solutions that bombard us from all media venues, are nothing more than a marketing ploy that monetize on a desperate health and beauty conscious people. It’s important that the public is made fully aware of the ploys that surround us from the marketing sector. With proper education, we can have a more informed healthy future, instead of a wealthy marketing sector.
If you watch any infomercial that deals with weight loss, you will no doubt see “someone” that represents what that particular product can do for you. Marketing companies specifically hire sculpted models to demonstrate and sell a product that in almost all cases hasn’t used the product to achieve the results they demonstrate. This type of sales pitch can be a non-verbal assertion that without realizing it, plants a very direct message in the minds of the consumer. For instance, there are numerous exercise machines that are marketed through television commercials. They interestingly target the over weight/obese with their product, but more often than not, they are products that offer to build muscle, not promote weight loss. Products like the “Ab-Flex” and the “Bow flex” are great examples of this. Both of those devices can help assist you in muscle strengthening, but will have little effect in the loss of weight since they are not cardiovascular engaging devices, a key to weight loss.
In addition to deceitful marketing, there are dangers to these various weight loss products that are not fully disclosed. Often times, they fail to warn of the possible side effects of using the product, or they are so obscure that they cannot be easily seen. For instance, the “Lap-Band” product is under attack for not mentioning that it has such side effects as: constipation, difficulty swallowing, reflux, nausea, slippage, band erosion, port displacement, gastric perforation, diarrhea, protein deficiency, hair loss, Blood Clots, infection in port, rejection of band by body, Stoma obstruction, Esophageal dilation. Including these side effects into the advertisement would obviously detract from the bright image that they try to project. For instance, the new highly marketed “lap-band” is offered to be a solution to obesity. What’s interesting to note though, is that this device is marketed for weight loss with almost zero warnings or side effects. The procedure requires invasive surgery that most definitely goes hand-in-hand with risk. Making sure that the risks associated with the product is imperative so that consumers can make an educated decision, especially when it comes to ones’ health.
What’s more important than weight loss products is education about weight loss. As much as the marketers would love to come upon a magic pill that induced instance weight loss safely, it just isn’t possible. Businesses will get as close to the line of deceitful as possible, sometimes crossing it when it comes to advertisement. The appropriate measures one should take to achieve weight loss should be found through diet change and exercise. By educating more of the general public, we can have real success with bringing health and fitness to our nation.

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