The Case for Nutritional Supplementation: A Book Review

The Case for Nutritional Supplementation: A Book Review

Before I began taking daily nutritional supplements I was thoroughly confused regarding how they worked and the potential benefits to my health. I only knew that I suffered declining health and wanted to be more proactive and practice prevention. While I had taken various vitamins on and off for years, and considered myself to have a fairly healthy diet and lifestyle, still I did not have health.

All of the scientific explanations for the health benefits of USANA Healthpak regarding oxidation, anti-oxidants, minerals, chelated minerals did not sink in at the time. My eyes would glaze over at the thought of actually reading a book such as this. It was only after I had taken the supplements and experienced their effects that I sought out this book to gain a true understanding of the benefits I have gained for my health.

What a wonderful surprise to read this excellent and readable book by Dr. Strand. One thing I appreciated is Dr. Strand’s humility and candor. His commitment to medicine and the health of his patients was striking.

Sadly, most physicians do not recommend nutritional supplements because they know little about nutrition. Only about six percent of medical doctors received any education in nutrition. Instead they are thoroughly educated in pharmacology to prescribe drugs to attack the symptoms of disease once a patient has become ill.

Dr. Strand has studied the medical literature in through detail as to the evidence for supplementation, and the book is well documented. He makes a thorough examination of the issue of why nutritional supplements are beneficial and needed for health and disease prevention. Dr. strand presents cogent arguments for using supplements, including patient case studies. He explains in detail how oxidation causes disease, why the RDA of nutritional guidelines are inadequate, and why it is impossible to get adequate nutrition for health even if one is careful to eat a healthy diet, which most Americans do not do.

Even though this is not a current study, it is still relevant and informative. If anything, the evidence is getting stronger on the value of supplementation for health. I definitely recommend it as a highly worthwhile book.