The Big Two For Permanent Weight Loss

Health experts and weight loss gurus agree, a physical activity that raises one’s heart rate, and, most importantly, that is enjoyed, is the best bet for losing weight and keeping it off. Exercise, along with healthy eating remains as the reliable plan for shedding extra inches and becoming the slimmer you that is truly desired. Some fad diets and specialized eating plans do work, but for results that last more than a few weeks, one must adopt these two new habits.
Dancing, is a painless, proven and powerful way to reap exercise’s benefits, actually being enjoyable. Dancing has a number of values. Foremost, dancing moves muscles while one is not even purposely trying to move them. Excess fat deposits are loosened and the heart beats per minute are increased, creating a heart and lung strengthening aerobic state of intensity and duration. The greatest benefit is that all this activity sheds pounds. Also, music sends positive messages to your brain, an essential component of lasting weight loss. Plus, all types of dancing, from Rumba to singles’ club dancing to country line dancing, is social, another mainstay of permanent positive mental images bringing about good self esteem and thus, weight loss. If shame keeps you from the dance floor, please know that virtually any movement is accepted these days. You can think of clubs or lessons as your personal gym. The more the attendance at your gym, the greater and quicker the results.
Eating healthy does matter. Downing a jumbo candy bar a day, even while vigorously dancing each night, will defeat any weight loss progress that is made. Eating healthy means moderate amounts of staple foods, like meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, fruits, eggs, nuts, whole grains and dairy products. Any diet that deprives the body of this varied nourishment is not a long-term solution. It is simply a short-term plan to, perhaps, get one started only. Consuming moderate amounts of these basic, readily available foods, will not promote weight gain. Your organs will reap the rewards, as will your bones, blood, skin, teeth, hair, nails and mind. One dances better when they are mentally-strong and healthful too.

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