Some Thoughts on Health Care Reform

By now everyone has an opinion and ideas about the recent health care reform passed by President Obama and the Democrats. For some, it was long overdue, while for others it was simply another horrible liberal policy forced down the throat of Americans. As for whether or not it would be good for the Nation, well it certainly would not be any worse than it is now. One thing is certain, something had to happen.
We as Americans are used to being the greatest, or at the very least, we believe we are the greatest. However, when you look at the current situation, it is hard to ignore just how bad health care is in the United States. Want some perspective? How about the fact that the United States presently sits 38th in the world in term of life expectancy, or that our neighbors to the north live on average 4 to 5 years longer than we do, and have an infant mortality rate lower than ours. Imagine that, not only do you have a better chance at life in Canada but you live longer too. For many Americans, the thought of a country as liberal as Canada beating us in both of these areas is unfathomable.
Who is in front of us in terms of life expectancy you ask? How about Cuba at 37th, or Malta at 21, larger yet, what about Singapore at 15th and Spain at 6th. Who is on top? Japan is number one. So, it appears as if we are not number one and needed to do something to change it. Only time can tell if this was the right bill and the proper fix for what ails us. Hopefully it can be, or we must find ourselves back where we started, and that is no excellent for anyone.
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