Sleep Apnea Advice You Need To Know

Many people are under the false assumption that if they feel tired after waking up each day, there’s nothing they can to correct it. Sleep apnea can be a dangerous condition if left untreated. This article will provide you with useful information about the sleep apnea disorder.

Do you occasionally drink or smoke? Address your bad habits if you have sleep apnea problems. Alcohol and tobacco both cause airway problems. Alcohol relaxes your airways, making them more prone to collapse, and smoking can cause them to swell, restricting airflow. Eliminate drinking or smoking before bedtime if you can’t avoid them entirely.

Quitting smoking and drinking can relieve sleep apnea symptoms. Both of these habits are bad for the muscles in your air passage and can worsen apnea. Unlike having expensive surgery or other medical procedures, eliminating these harmful habits actually saves money for you.

Avoid alcohol before bed as much as possible. Alcohol causes your muscles to relax. While this is often considered a desirable effect, it can lead to sleep apnea. If you are sleeping and have been drinking too close to bedtime, this can be a dangerous combination while you are asleep. If you absolutely have to have a drink, don’t do as much as you used to. And avoid having one close to bedtime.

Avoid medications that are designed to help you sleep. Sleeping pills can make it so your airways don’t function correctly. Though they may help you sleep, you need the ability to wake should your airway colse too much.

If your mouth opens a lot during the night when you use your CPAP machine, consider adding a chin strap. This minor fabric piece and make sure that your chin stays up and your mouth closed. The CPAP only works if the mouth is closed, so try using the strap.

If you’re admitted to the hospital, take your sleep apnea machine with you. If you are scheduled for hospitalization or if you go to emergency, you should make available your CPAP machine and mask. It is already set to your pressure, and you will have the exact mask you are used to using every night. This will make continuing your CPAP therapy much more tolerable.

If you can’t see a doctor about your sleep apnea, you can still do some things to help yourself. Giving up tobacco use and losing excess weight are good health choices in general, and they’re particularly effective in reducing the symptoms of sleep apnea. You will definitely want to stay away from alcohol and caffeine, along with late night heavy meals before going to bed.

You should never smoke if you are dealing with sleep apnea. Smoking can cause the upper airway to swell, which exacerbates sleep apnea. You can use nicotine patches or replacement therapy to quit. It is the initial 30 days after you quit that are usually the hardest. Past this point, your system is free of nicotine and the physical demands for the drug will drop off.

If exhaustion has haunted you for a long time, it might be a good idea to talk to your doctor about this. You don’t have to suffer much longer. Remember to share what you learned today with others who could benefit from this information.

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