Sanitize Your Scrubs

Sanitize Your Scrubs

Working in a hospital, vet clinic, or dental office means that you likely come into contact with numerous substances a day that can cause sickness or infection. That is why washing medical uniforms is crucial, not only for your health but the health of your patients as well! If you wash your scrubs the proper way, you will make sure that your uniforms stay just as durable and vibrant as the day first day you wore them, as well as become sanitized and safe to wear around patients once more.

Here are a few tips on how to wash your scrubs and medical uniforms effectively.


Washing with the utmost care is what it’s all about when it comes to scrubs, so skip the cheap or harsh detergents. Rather, go for quality. Buy a detergent that not just cleans but disinfects as well.


Make sure that your washing machine has been cleaned and serviced before washing your scrubs for the first time. It is smart to place only your scrubs into the machine the first time around. Mixing your dirty scrubs along with your other laundry isn’t the best idea as you don’t want anything to transfer. Rinse your uniforms in cold water so you can loosen up any large material like blood, dirt, etc. Once the rinsing is finished, garments need to see a round of hot water, usually 10 minutes worth, to kill any bacteria or microorganisms that may be present.


After the wash cycle is done, tumble dry or line-dry outside. If your uniform needs another round in the washer, now is the time. Remember that some materials shrink in the dryer, so be sure you check to make sure your medical scrubs are dryer safe.


Never use bleach! This may damage your scrubs and it will likely discolor the fabric. Instead, you might want to try a spot remover. It’s a very quick way to get stains out before they can get too deep. In fact, carrying a travel spot remover with you to work, so you can apply it whenever you need to, may help prevent big clean-ups needed later. If you happen to use a stain remover on your uniform while at work, remember that you should probably have another set of uniforms on hand. It’s important that you change out of the soiled scrubs and into the clean pair for the duration of the day. Once you get home, you can treat the stain again before putting your scrubs in the washer and dryer.

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