Reasons To Use An Air Torch

When most people thing about cutting something, they immediately think of a saw or a knife. However, somethings require a bit more power to get through it. For these sorts of jobs, an air torch is a great way to get the job done.

What Is An Air Torch

An air torch uses oxygen, propane, or LPG as the fuel source to blow extremely hot flame onto a surface. This flame is so hot that it can be used to cut through heavy metals. Many auto body shops use air torches in order to cut through damaged steel frames, remove sheared off bolts, and more.

Air torches can come in many sizes, but hand held mini oxygen cutting systems Lorain OH has several different sizes to fit any application. Hand held torches are great for small jobs that require precision, which is why autobody shops often carry these types of torches.

For more industrial cutting, there are much larger sizes of torches in the forms of cutting machines that can cut out designs in metal very quickly. Manufacturing houses use these types of oxygen cutting systems in order to quickly make templates out of metal at scale.


Air-fed torches can reach maximum temperatures of around 2,000 degrees fahrenheit. Oxygen torches can be much hotter at around 4,600 degrees fahrenheit. The temperature definitely makes a difference based on the application you will be using the torch and the materials you will be cutting. Some metals require a much hotter temperature in order to solder or cut, so knowing what type of torch you need is important for the job at hand.

As you can see, air torches are amazing tools that can be used to solder or cut metal. Depending on the job, you may need an oxygen torch to provide extra heat.