Pass The Naplex Exam with This Amazing Guide

It is not sufficient for a person to have a pharmacy degree. For a pharmacist to practice his/her profession in the United States, it is mandatory for him/her to pass the Naplex exam. Even though a pharmacy degree is necessary, having it is just the first step towards becoming a pharmacist. The degree is a huge stepping stop that prepares people for the bigger task in the next stage. The Naplex exam exists to assess the competency of fresh pharmacists as well as their knowledge. This exam has two hundred and fifty questions, some of which need a single answer, and the rest require a candidate to select several correct answers. These questions are diverse in terms of the subjects tested. Some of the questions examine medicine science, whereas other questions require the candidates to comprehend, interpret, and evaluate clinical or patient data. To pass this exam, the candidates must have exceptional skills and knowledge of the science of dispensing and formulation, drug practice, and therapy, as well as promoting safe counseling and public health procedure. The Naplex study guide is an indispensable guide that helps candidates prepare adequately for the Naplex exam. The Naplex study guide offers different online courses depending on individual candidate needs. 


This is the first package of the Naplex study guide offered on the Naplex study guide website. This package is taught for one month, and it costs $39, which is a one-time payment only. The course covers a wide range of units, which include twenty-five-course units that span over three modules. It uses an updated syllabus for 2020, which comes equipped with new and updated pharmacy courses. This package ensures the progress of every candidate is tracked and monitored to detect their weaknesses and strengths. Once the weaknesses and strengths are analyzed, proper guidance is issued on how to tackle the weaknesses and build on the strengths. This course is also compatible with smartphones and tablets, and hence the majority of candidates who cannot afford laptops are still able to gain knowledge from it. The course covers units such as General Pharmacology, OTC and Therapeutics, Clinical Pharmacy, and Clinical Pharmacology, which are critical units in the pharmacy course.

Pharmacy Plus!

The pharmacy plus is a three-month package that costs $49. This is also a one-time payment only package that covers all the concepts covered by the pharmacy package. In addition to those, this course also examines and expounds on Master Pharmacy Calculations. This is an equally fundamental unit towards understanding pharmacy concepts.


This course is a $79 course that covers what is covered in the first two courses. In addition to those, this package examines full-length practice exams and professional studies. 

In summary, the Naplex study guide provides a strong basis for young pharmacy graduates to climb a step higher by preparing them to pass the Naplex exam. By undertaking any of the three courses, it is guaranteed that a candidate will have an upper edge in tackling the main exam.