Pain Management for Ankle Sprains and Strains

Pain Management for Ankle Sprains and Strains

The ankle is a complex weight bearing joint in the body that is more prone to injuries mainly because of its function and structure. Strains and sprains are common injuries that happen most often in the ankle joint. Basically, sprain refers to an injury to a ligament which is composed of connective tissues that connect joints and tendons while, strain refers to injuries to muscles. Usually sprains and strains occur together and cause severe pain that occasionally become quite severe and require immediate pain management.

Causes and Symptoms of Ankle Sprains and Strains

The major causes of ankle sprain are rolling, turning or twisting the foot beyond the normal motions. As it is a weight bearing joint, so the twisting force causes the ligament to stretch into an abnormal position. While strains are usually occur when the weight on a muscle is greater than the normal limit, resulting in damaging the tendons in the ankle joint. The most common symptoms of ankle sprain and strain are muscle stiffness, swelling, tenderness, soreness, bruising and severe pain. While in the case of serious muscle or ligament damage, joint disability or instability are also observed.

Holistic Medicine – An Effective Way to Help Reduce Pain

There are various pain management techniques available today that help treat ankle sprain and strain. Holistic medicine is one of the effective pain management techniques that provides alternative healthcare solutions, deals with the whole body system, enhancing body functions and provides a sense of well-being. Holistic medicine involves various integrative manual therapies that effectively facilitate healing process and help reduce pain.

Holistic Medicine – Deals with Ankle Sprain and Strain

Massage therapy is a type of holistic medicine that plays a main role in reducing pain and restoring body functions. It involves gentle and profound body touch to the affected areas liker foot, calves and upper legs to increase the blood circulation, alleviate pain and associated joint instability. Deep massage therapy works best for relieving the symptoms of ankle sprains, decrease spasm in surrounding muscles and improves range of motion.

Physical Therapy – Addresses Pain and Dysfunction

Physical therapy is another holistic approach that involves various exercises and joint mobilization techniques that promote muscle and joint functions. In gentle joint mobilization technique, a physical therapist provides passive small movements to manipulate connective tissues around the joint to increase flexibility, mobility and range of motion. Depending upon the severity of ligament or muscle damage, physical therapists provide various exercises for ankle sprains. The main purpose of these exercises is to strengthen ankle and restore the lost body movement. Physical therapy gently increases the ankle range of motion, activation and strengthening of ankles muscles, stretches ligaments in the ankles and promote flexibility and mobility. Receiving proper physical therapy will definitely promote ankle functions, help alleviate pain and prevent any future injuries.

If ankle sprain and strain do not address properly, it may lead to severe chronic pain and joint dysfunction. Proper pain management is critical to prevent any serious consequences. Holistic medicine is a viable option to treat ankle sprain and strain. It effectively restores damaged tissue, decreases swelling and helps provide pain relief.

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