Options for Your Eldery Family Members

It’s never easy when a loved one starts to succumb to the health concerns that so often accompany old age, but knowing the right way to care for them can help you both approach this transition stage. There are many opportunities available to you, no matter the issues you’re facing, you just have to think them through. Does your family member need memory care Denver, or do they simply need to have some help getting around and running errands? Here are some options for you to consider as you enter this new stage of life as a caregiver.

Assisted Living Facilities

Although the idea of sending your loved one to a nursing home may have a bad reputation, this is often a very viable and good option. These days there are residential facilities at a variety of levels, ranging from senior living homes where residents just share meals in a cafeteria but live otherwise fairly self-sufficiently in their own apartment, to memory care facilities that provide substantial assistance to their patients. No matter the health concerns your loved one is facing, there is some form of assisted living facility available to meet their needs.

Home Health Care Aids

For those who either don’t want to leave their homes or who just simply need a little assistance managing daily tasks, home health care aides may be able to provide the right amount of help. These, often certified, assistants visit your loved ones’ home daily and can assist with tasks ranging from using the bathroom and taking medications to cooking meals and maintaining a clean living environment.

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Combining Households

If your loved one just can’t be on their own anymore and assisted living isn’t an option, they can always move in with you! If they are your parent, you can consider it life in full circle as you take care of them just as they once took care of you in their home. Although this transition can be difficult, it can also be a wonderful way to reconnect with family on a deeper level.