Nutrition For Skin – Get That Radiance From Within

Nutrition for skin – or how to avoid wrinkles… stop smiling! Not an option? Whenever you feel radiant, you are going to smile, beam, transmit that wonderful feeling to those you love, or to the world in general. The price you will pay, just for being you and for radiating good things to the people around you – whether you are male or female or “other” – you will get wrinkles! Yet, the real reason for wrinkles in the skin is not smiling! It is inflammation in the deeper skin levels. Probably everything we do not want is inflammation-caused.
Inflammation causes Diabetes, cancer, arterial disease, heart disease, IBS, (Inflammatory Bowel Disease), oh my gosh the list goes on. Last, but not least, skin wrinkles.
Yet, inflammation can be prevented, and treated. Inflammation can be assuaged by icing, for example. I once was told by a friend from Russia, that she had iced her skin every day throughout all her adult life. If I had not seen her skin, I would have really poo-pooed this idea. Get up every day and put ice on my face?
Another lovely lady I had the privilege to know, used to “iron” her face with a warm silver spoon and olive oil. Her skin was smooth and radiant even into her eighties. Well, olive oil is an anti-inflammatory omega 3-6-9 oil! Could that have had anything to do with her aged beauty?
Thanks Zoya, thanks Hanya!
But let’s get to you – the modern woman with a heavy schedule, lots of stress, lots of smiling! Are you getting up every day icing your face and then maybe ironing it with warm olive oil? Right.
Without this incredible care, what can YOU do every day to feed your skin, providing it with the nutrition needed to prevent wrinkles?
If you could get an anti-aging skin treatment that also fed your arteries, veins, brain and joints – well, you hit the jackpot. I think I can help you with that.

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