Not Every Lung Cancer Patient Has a History of Smoking

Patients may assume that they will never get lung cancer if they’ve never smoked cigarettes. However, lung cancer can have numerous causes.

Air Pollution

People who have lived in areas with substantial levels of either indoor or outdoor pollution might be more likely to develop lung cancer. Inhaling these particles for any substantial length of time can cause multiple forms of lung damage.

Individuals who have worked in professions where they’re likely to come into contact with polluted air might eventually need lung cancer treatment Newport Beach-based. The professionals at these centers have worked with numerous patients, all of whom vary quite widely in their medical histories.

Medical professionals recognize that cigarette or cigar smoking is a very common risk factor for developing lung cancer, but it’s not the only cause. People who have a family history of lung cancer may have had lots of relatives who smoked tobacco products in the past. However, those people may have also had friends and relatives who smoked just as often, which could also be the case for current patients.

Smoke Sources

Individuals who spend enough time around smokers might also be more likely to develop the diseases associated with smoking, including lung cancer. Patients who take precautions when they’re in that environment might reduce their risk somewhat, but that gradual lung damage can still accumulate.

Someone who opens the window while smoking might help the air in the vicinity stay cleaner. However, even though some smoke will escape outside, the people indoors will still breathe in some pollutants in the cigarette smoke.

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Smokers are also capable of carrying some of those pollutants on their clothes. Smokers who are careful to avoid smoking around people that they know still might be causing these pollutants to get into the air at other times.