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Types Of Surrogacy Options In Medical Tourism For many couples who would want to have a family but cannot get one naturally, surrogacy is a mighty and life altering individuals. Unfortunately, surrogacy is an expensive option which has many legal barriers and therefore it is out of reach of many families. Due to the fact that it is difficult to compensate surrogates for services in some cases, there are few surrogates available. Besides, the law is more favorable to the surrogates regarding whether they want to keep or relinquish the baby at the end of the pregnancy. Medical tourism offers a solution to these barriers. The most important thing when undertaking surrogacy abroad is understanding the available options. Any aspiring surrogate need to understand the two available surrogate procedures applicable before approaching a medical tourism provider. The first available option is the traditional surrogacy, and it is also known as genetic surrogacy. In this type of surrogacy the surrogate is the biological mother. This type of surrogacy involves fertilization of the eggs of the surrogate with the eggs of the genetic father of the sperm donor through artificial insemination. This method is best suited for heterosexual couples who cannot conceive naturally. Individuals who undertake traditional surrogacy are known to prefer an individual who have the same physical attributes with them.
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This surrogacy is uncommon since there a few companies which can accommodate the choice of the physical attributes of the surrogate. Some couples do not put a lot of emphasis on the physical attributes hence making medical tourism a viable option.
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The other type of surrogacy is the gestational surrogacy in which the surrogate is not genetically related to the child. In gestational surrogacy, an embryo from a genetic mother or donor and a genetic father or donor is transferred to the surrogate. The embryo is developed in vitro beforehand. This method is best suited for gay couples or to couples who can be exposed to a health hazard by natural pregnancy. Only the surrogate’s general health and well being affects the child, but the genetic characteristics do not. Therefore, gestational surrogacy can be arranged more easily by a medical tourism facilitator. Different situations represent a unique set of challenges. Nevertheless, most of the procedures which are necessary for the completion of a surrogacy can be done overseas. A good example is India which has attracted many patients with fertility and surrogacy related issues. Many young couples have turned to surrogacy for a solution for their problems. For people who are thinking about seeking surrogacy services abroad, there are a few things that you ought to have in mind. You should consult your fertility specialist and then contact a reputable medical tourism company.

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