Must Read: Latest Research Reveals Shocking Truth About Chondroitin and Joint Pain Relief

Must Read: Latest Research Reveals Shocking Truth About Chondroitin and Joint Pain Relief

Joint pain is not limited to runners and athletes. In fact, 28 million Americans experience joint pain. Did you know for every pound of weight you gain, you add 4 additional pounds of pressure to your knees and 6 additional pounds of pressure to your hips. No wonder so many Americans experience joint pain. Even though as we age, the protective cushioning deteriorates around our joints and increases the joint discomfort, joint pain is not restricted to seniors and/or athletes; it affects most everyone at some time. This cartilage between the bones can deteriorate for many reasons, therefore, causing reduced mobility and pain.

So now that we understand the problem, what is the solution? What is the ideal formula for optimal joint pain relief? This question needs to be answered because many of the anti-inflammatory prescriptions such as Vioxx have been recalled, and our health care is in chaos when it comes to prescription and medical coverage.

Can chondroitin offer joint pain relief, especially knee pain relief? Several studies have been done to analyze that exact notion and until recently the experts remained split. In fact, if you interviewed 100 runners, you would’ve heard a huge array of answers from, “it did nothing for me,” to, “I can’t live without it”.

About 5-10 years ago, you wouldn’t have even thought of buying a glucosamine supplement without chondroitin, but scientists have uncovered new information. The good news is that there is no down side to glucosamine: it’s practically harmless. But chondroitin on the other hand does have a down side. New research has proven that glucosamine is not only more effective than its counterpart chondroitin, but also better absorbed without chondroitin. That’s you want the best joint pain relief then you need to use a supplement that has glucosamine without chondroitin.

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It has also been proven that glucosamine combined with Boswellia extract can greatly increase joint pain relief and help rebuild the joints within a shorter amount of time than chondroitin and glucosamine combined. When choosing the right glucosamine supplement, it is essential to go with a large, time-tested company because there is little federal regulation on these supplements in the U.S. Many supplements are imported and the FDA is too overwhelmed to monitor everything. That is why the company’s reputation and standards are so important. After starting a supplement regimen, remember to keep it up for 3-6 months to be able to see the full effects of improvement.

The optimal glucosamine supplement has been shown to increase mobility, flexibility, joint function by supporting long-term joint health. This supplement is best absorbed if the following nutrients are also present:




Vitamin C

And of course, Boswellia extract.

Although numerous consumers have found relief in just 5 days with this patent-pending combination of ingredients, everyone’s body responds differently. Typically, natural supplementation takes longer than prescription medicines. However, the side effects are quite often positive benefits, instead of negative effects. For instance, glucosamine with Boswellia extract is an excellent supplement that offers knee pain relief but is not limited to the knees: it helps alleviate all joint pains.

Quite often, when a company boasts of instant gratification, either they are lying or the side effects just aren’t worth the risks so be patient and consistent. Whether you are dieting or treating a specific problem like knee pain or even heart disease, it always pays to be patient and consistent.

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