Medicine to Prevent Migraines – Are You Sure About This?

Medicine to Prevent Migraines – Are You Sure About This?

I would suggest you think twice before you take a medicine to prevent migraines. Common medications actually fail in most cases because they only provide temporary relief for migraine sufferers. Our bodies are designed for a more natural and organic approach when it comes to taking care of our bodies. Still this article is going to discuss whether or not taking a medicine to prevent migraines is the right step for you.

You want to consider taking medications for migraines if you:

Have more than a couple of migraine episodes in a month that cause considerable disturbance in your everyday life.

Are using a lot of painkillers to relieve your migraines.

The one thing why I don’t advocate using medicine to prevent migraines is you have the tendency to experience frequent severe headaches because of medication overuse. It is caused by taking a lot of painkillers on a daily basis for stress headaches or migraine attacks. An common case would be… You may be experiencing migraine episodes and you take some painkillers more often and you continue doing this for a while. As a result, your body becomes used to the painkillers. A headache then arises if you don’t take medications within a day or so of the last dose. You figure this is just another migraine, and so you take in more medications. When the result of each does wears off, an additional migraine develops, and so on. A nasty cycle develops.

Some of the medicines that are commonly used are:

Beta-Blockers – They are regularly used to apply treatment to conditions such as angina and high blood pressure but beta-blockers also have the ability to treat migraines in some cases.

Amitriptyline – This medicine is classified as an anti-depressant. Aside from having an antidepressant effect, it also has an antimigraine action. Amitriptyline is not for people who had experienced a heart attack and epilepsy.

Anticonvulsants – They are usually used to prevent seizures from epilepsy. However, it was discovered that they can also prevent migraine attacks.

Before you decide to take a medicine to prevent migraines, it is best that you keep a migraine journal to evaluate how often and how bad your migraine attacks are.

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