Lose Belly Fat – Give It The Flick

So you want to lose specific weight around your belly and want foods that burn belly fat, but you are alright with the rest? You look for some specific diet information like the butt and thigh diet, or the abs exercise program and go for gold trying to tone that particular area. Sorry to tell you that this is never going to work in the long term; the only people benefiting from your efforts are the people whose pockets you line.
If you are serious about losing fat, gaining muscle and being and healthier and fitter; you need to give yourself a diet audit and commit to daily exercise. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that if your intake exceeds your output, you are not going to lose any weight, in fact, you are going to put on weight.
Keep a food diary for a week, noting down everything you eat and drink no matter how insignificant it may seem at the time. Sit down and work out the calories in the food you eat; you can find many sites on line that will help you work out averages and check the information written on your food packaging. Take a note of the amount of calories in processed foods compared to fresh whole foods you digest as well, this could come in handy down the track.
Once you’ve done that exercise, you can check online for the average amount of calories someone your age and size should need and use it as a guide for yourself. I must stress that you need to be 100% honest with yourself, otherwise this is a waste of time. Nobody else has to see it except you; it is your health and well being at stake. I am guessing that if you are over weight, you should be well over your recommended caloric intake. That’s not all bad news, because now you have a starting point to improve upon.
A good thing to do now, is to ensure you have the best nutrition, don’t go hungry, yet change the amount of calories and unhealthy food you eat each day. Find yourself some information about nutrition and exercise that is concise and easy to follow and get the truth about six pack abs for yourself. Become your own smart dietitian, it isn’t hard to do research and you can always check your conclusions with your trusted medical professional.
Now for what the diet gurus don’t tell you, but since I like you, I will. You need to get some exercise to ensure that you are burning off the fat that you are being so careful in your diet to discourage. Give it the flick. Make sure it goes away and stays away. You are now going to build muscles and be able to show off that new body as much as you like. Your lose belly fat will be a thing of the past and there are foods that burn belly fat by boosting your metabolism.