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HOW TO CARE FOR OUR FEET Feet are important part of our body system. They helps us to exhibit motion. Our feet are prone to disease attack. Wearing of shoes that are fitting feet even without allowing an allowance may lead to some pain and infection to our feet. It is thus a primary necessity to implement measures that purpose to prevent foot troubles. Proper hygiene is the most important one as it make sure feet are at their best. It is also useful to exercise continuous check to feet to locate challenges and infections. Proper circulation of air to feet should be maintained. Some ailment may result due to poor circulation of air to the feet region. Pressure exerted to feet such as squatting for an extended time may inhibit the circulation of air to feet. Blood capillaries are pressed preventing passage of blood to the feet section. Constant practice can promote proper air circulation to the body system. Inactivity not only lead to boredom but also reduce air circulation to one’s body. For comfortable walking, fitting shoes should be worn. Swelling of feet is possible when is on shoes that are ill-fitting There are some illnesses that affect our feet namely athlete’s feet, bunions and itching. Feet infection may be accelerated by presence of moisture on our feet thus it is safe to wipe our feet to dryness. Wearing of shoes that are may be small may lead to an infection referred to as bunion. Bunion is just but one of the feet’s diseases that can impair performance of feet. These regions of the toe are pressed making one to experience pain. Urgent care should be used to prevent the severity of the issue. Bunion guards can be of great help in such. Bunion guards are pads that make sure the feet fit in the shoe. Wearing of toe separators may also be of aid in preventing feet disease. Toe separators are fixed in the midst of toes. They aim at relieving friction between toes and pinching that is caused by toe overlap. Toe collectors gently stabilizes toes. They assist in supporting and cushioning of toes.
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The market is now flooded with socks that helps in minimizing threat to feet. These socks have enormous benefit to people wishing to protect their feet. They promote flexibility of ligament. They are effective from the fact that they keep the foot stable. These socks are suitable and available in the market at a lower price. They present one with a pleasant walk and stay.
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Changing of socks often may be helpful as it aids in keeping feet fresh. Fresh socks reduce the bad smell that result from poor ventilation of the shoe. Doctors may be consulted in extreme cases. Personal care starting from appropriate shoes, applying of hygiene and consulting services of a specialist should be registered in one’s mind. Flat soled shoes should be considered as they have minimal incidents of accidents.

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