Knee Pain Causes, Prevention and Relief

Knee Pain Causes, Prevention and Relief

Knee injuries can actually be acute when there are torn ligaments or torn cartilage. A lot of sports increase the risk of knee injury but the elderly can also be victims to knee pain simply from a fall and twisting the knee joint.

A lot of knee injuries are simply a result of overload on the knee joint or simply overuse.

Knee pain can be a result of tendonitis, bursitis or simply muscle stain. The knee may even become swollen but that inflammation is part of the healing process. Treat this type of knee pain as soon as possible or it could result in a chronic knee injury.

Knee pain can simply be a result of doing too much too fast. If you are just starting an exercise program start out slowly and then work your way up. You may just want to simply walk for a week or two before starting any aerobics or running. Aerobics, walking or running can be hard on the knees if your knee is not used of that type of exertion. Keep in mind when running or jumping you are putting about 8 times your body weight on your knees.

In order to prevent knee pain pay attention to the muscles which actually support your knees. Strong leg muscles will help with the weight-bearing load on your knees. You can actually strengthen those leg muscles without doing any high impact form of exercise. Consider a stationery bike or an elliptical trainer or any other form of exercise that does not jar the knees in any way.

If you find that exercise and strengthening your leg muscles is not relieving the pain do not turn to prescription drugs. There are a lot of other natural remedies that do not have the side effects of drugs.

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