Insomnia Help – Natural Remedies Versus Pills

Insomnia Help – Natural Remedies Versus Pills

Both natural remedies and sleeping pills undoubtedly works for those who seek help for their insomnia issues, but which among the two can really bring you the most desirable effect?

Sleeping pills and sleeping aids have long been used by insomniacs to give them immediate relief from not being able to sleep. Over the years, sleeping pills and sleeping aids have provided help by giving those who have insomnia a chance to experience sleep like normal people do. Popping a pill is all you need to have a good night’s sleep. However, immediate effect, ease of use, and a guarantee that you will have the sleep that you need comes with a price.

Just like any medications, sleeping pills have undesirable side effects such as drowsiness, dizziness, clumsiness, and headache among many others. Aside from side effects, you may also develop drug dependence, tolerance from the drug, and withdrawal symptoms. Even more, studies have shown that there is a possibility that your insomnia can become worse if you stop your medication. Sleeping pills can also mask an underlying problem that if treated may provide more relief from insomnia. Sleeping pills provide immediate help for insomnia, but are they worth the negative effects?

Natural remedies however have no side effects and provide a long term to a permanent help for insomnia. It may take awhile to feel the effects and it requires some dedication on your part but the effects are of much higher quality, side effect-free, and long-lasting, unlike the short-term effect of pills. Some common natural remedies that can help with your insomnia issues are proper sleep hygiene, sleep rituals, relaxation therapy, stimulus control, and stress-reducing techniques. There are other techniques which you have not probably heard of but also as effective as the common ones. Candida cleanse, liver cleanse, calcium and magnesium supplements, and use of extra virgin coconut oil are among the few.

Sleeping pills are used for short term only. They are not meant to be used as the ultimate help for insomnia problems. They make you sleep, period. It doesn’t matter if you are using pills to help you sleep, you are still an insomniac. Natural remedies on the other hand target the core problems which cause your insomnia, curing you as a result.

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