Insider Secrets of Tibetan and Ayurvedic Medicine

Insider Secrets of Tibetan and Ayurvedic Medicine

Dear friend,

Yeah I know, this title is a little bit extreme but how else am I supposed to get you to read something that’s good for you? Did you like eating all you veggies as a kid? Probably not. And with that said — keep reading.

Tibetan medicine (similar to Ayurvedic medicine) is based on the three bodily fluids. Wind, bile and phlegm. Now even though these three elements are part of the physical body they’re also symbols that relate to psychological and even spiritual dimensions. Whenever one of these fluids is “out of whack” and not in balance with the other juices, disorders can and probably will rise. This means that the chances of illnesses occurring are much, much higher. “So what’s the meaning behind these three bodily fluids?”

Tibetan medicine like Ayurvedic medicine looks at the fluids as three different types of energies used together in perfect harmony.

Wind symbolizes the element of movement inside the body

Bile symbolizes the different kinds of warmth in the body

Phlegm symbolizes everything of a fluid nature in the body

These three principles are applicable to all living organisms. Including plants and all animals that live in harmony with humans.

Like I said earlier these three energies are also represented as psychological principles.

Wind is the main directing principle of our consciousness. It’s also referred to as the life principle which can affect the other energies in a positive or negative sense.

Bile is related to the element of fire. According to Tibetan medicine the qualities of bile are courage, persistence and intelligence.

Phlegm is related to good memory and ability to concentrate as well as the ability to fall into a deep sleep and have the strong powers of recuperation.

When it comes right down to it — the Tibetan people and their style of medicine does not only look at the physical level for treatment but treatment of the persons physical, spiritual and mental health.

And when push comes to shove I would much rather have a complete healing done rather than just a physical check up!

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