Importance of Nutrition

Your body is the product of nutrition. The importance of nutrition in attaining body health can never be over-emphasized. What you eat will determine how often you fall sick, how obese you become, how physically fit you are, how long you will live and a host of other vital factors. Let us consider three types on nutrients (carbohydrates, fats, protein, and water) as an exemplification of the importance of nutrition.
Carbohydrates are a great energy source for your body. When eaten in proper volume, your body has optimal energy levels. However, if the ingested volume exceeds the energy use, the excess carbohydrates are converted to fats and deposited in the body. You end becoming obese, by and by.
When concentrated fats are ingested in high volume, they do not only accumulate in the body, but a certain chemical in fats called cholesterol accumulates in blood vessels until they bust after blockage. You end up with internal bleeding, maybe in the brain.
Proteins are the building block your body uses to create new muscles tissues and repair any injured tissues. If you want to bulk up with muscles, then this is your food. Nevertheless, remember, if you eat excess proteins to what you actually need, the body will surely convert it to fats for storage and you know what happens next.
Water too is important. Ensure that you drink at least 8-10 glasses of plain water daily. Without hydrating the body adequately, your body will be unable to excrete toxic waste, or accomplish optimal digestion. Consequently, you will be susceptible to heart stroke, kidney failure, stomach disorders and other potentially lethal maladies.
With these examples, you definitely realize the cardinal importance of nutrition in determining your health. Your health is the last thing you should compromise on.

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