If You’re Having Trouble Getting Pregnant, Coffee May Be To Blame

If You’re Having Trouble Getting Pregnant, Coffee May Be To Blame

Ladies if you are trying to get pregnant then you may have to give up your precious cup of Joe in the morning. We know how much coffee lovers live for their perfect cup of coffee, it is a huge pick me up early in the morning, and can keep you going throughout the day. And if you are addicted to coffee, then withdrawal symptoms can be almost unbearable. So the thought of giving up your coffee fix may be hard to fathom, but new studies show that if you are trying to get pregnant that coffee may be your new sworn enemy.

Animal studies have shown that a regular cup of coffee can undermine activity in the Fallopian tubes. As you may remember from biology class, the Fallopian tubes are responsible for carrying eggs from the ovaries to the uterus, and if the eggs are not making it to the uterus, you are not going to get pregnant. Believe or not the exact mechanism regarding how the Fallopian tubes carry eggs from the ovaries to the uterus are not completely known, it is presumed that cilia, minute hair like projections that protrude from the Fallopian tubes, are responsible for carrying the eggs from the ovaries to the uterus.

It is assumed that these minute hair like projections from the Fallopian tubes, along with muscular contractions from the Fallopian tubes themselves move the eggs along. Scientists found that certain specialized cells that may be responsible for setting the pace of cilia contractions become much less active when exposed to coffee. Doctors however have hailed this discovery as good news, as many physicians feel that this improved understanding of how the Fallopian tubes work will help them to treat frustrated women who are having trouble conceiving.

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As such this is in many ways a very exciting discovery, there are so many women who are having trouble conceiving and wasting money on expensive fertility treatments. Given the number of coffee drinkers that there are out there, it may be the case that many infertility problems that women are experiencing could be caused by excessive coffee consumption.

Many women are going to be relieved that all of their fertility problems may be solved by something as simple as drinking a little less coffee every day. So as painful as it may be to give up a couple of runs to Starbucks every day, it could remove that major frustration in your life, not being able to get pregnant.