How To Maintain Dental Implants

If you lose a permanent tooth, you may be a candidate for dental implants Plainview NY. Anyone who undergoes this standard procedure must practice proper oral hygiene to avoid complications.

Brush Gently

Keeping the area around your implant clean is crucial for your implant’s longevity. Brushing twice per day can prevent the buildup of plaque and tarter that promotes gum disease. Be sure to use a soft-bristle toothbrush; harder ones can irritate the gum line or cause it to recede. Brush gently to avoid scratching the metal implant. Scratches may create openings through which bacteria can enter.

Avoid Abrasive Toothpaste

A gentle toothpaste is as essential to your implant’s maintenance as a soft toothbrush. Choose a product that does not have abrasive elements like baking soda, which can cause premature wear or deterioration of the porcelain crown or metal implant.

Floss Daily

Proper flossing can dislodge debris and food particles that surround your implant. A floss threader or other flossing aids can help you access tight areas surrounding your implant. A water flosser is useful for cleaning spaces you can not reach with other devices.

Use an Interdental Brush

A thin, narrow brush with a pointed end can brush around tight openings between teeth that a standard toothbrush can not reach. Interdental brushes have thin bristles attached to a pliable wire, which enables gentle but thorough cleaning.

Use a Rinse

Choose an oral rinse with anti-bacterial properties that you can use daily. Alcohol-free versions will prevent gum irritation and unpleasant sensations around implant sites.

Schedule Dental Visits

Routine dental visits that include cleanings and exams are necessary to maintain healthy dental implants. A dental hygienist uses tools to remove plaque and tartar that you may not be able to see or reach during your home routine. A dental examination can also predict problems before they compromise your implant or surrounding teeth.

Proper maintenance of your dental implants can help them last a lifetime.