How To Defeat Your Acid Reflux Easily

Do you know what acid reflux occurs? What is the causes of it? What can make the symptoms to become worse? What can cause them go away? Where do you find these answers and more? The following article will give you acid reflux tips and what you can do to alleviate the symptoms.

Keep a food journal if you eat so you know what causes your acid reflux issues. You should avoid your triggers in the foods that trigger acid reflux but you know what they are.

Exercising after you eat can be a disaster if you’re suffering from acid reflux. Food that is in the stomach can be forced into the esophagus when the lower abdominal muscles are contracting during an exercise routine. Wait about two hours after your meal before working out.

Chew some cinnamon gum after your meals. The chewing causes more saliva production. This helps neutralize stomach acids. Chewing also makes you swallow more, which cleans the throat of acids that come up from the stomach. Fruit gum can be used as well. Mint gums are a poor choice since they can relax the problem.

Avoid drinking alcohol to rid yourself of acid reflux.Alcohol causes overproduction of stomach acid, leading to acid reflux. If you are planning an evening out, limit alcohol consumption to remain feeling good.

Eating larger meals can increase your chances of having to deal with acid reflux worse. When your stomach is too full, it applies excess pressure to your esophageal sphincter, forcing it open.

The weight during pregnancy can cause acid reflux. Speak with your doctor to see if there are options to combat your pregnancy to find out different solutions in order to keep the acid reflux at bay.

Try using slippery elm lozenge. The slippery elm bark is used to make these lozenges and it coats the digestive tract and puts a protective coating on your esophagus. This lozenge also soothe your irritated throat and make your coughing disappear if you often cough that acid reflux. You can find them at most health food store.

The pH levels in food doesn’t mean anything when it comes to whether it forms acid or not. Acidic foods like lemons have higher alkaline properties after they are digested. This can cause issues if you for sure. Learn more about food pH if acid reflux is an issue.

You should now have some helpful information when it comes to acid reflux. You need to analyze your life objectively to figure out your personal triggers before you can hope to successfully counteract them. With this information, you’ll feel better in no time.

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