How to Cure Insomnia

How to Cure Insomnia

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder that almost ten million people in the USA are experiencing. And, all of these people go to their doctors almost every year to consult, asking how to cure insomnia.

Insomnia can affect every person; he may be young or an adult already. This sleeping disorder does not choose who to deal with but people can choose how to deal with it and prevent it from destroying their sleeping habits. Insomnia has become common because of the changes that happened through the years. At this present time, there are jobs that require shifting schedules making other people work at night. Also, there are students who may be called crammers, who study all night before an exam and go to class without proper sleep. Another reason is that maybe because of some activities, like parties that are now common during night time. These are just a few reasons why people can experience insomnia, but there are other factors like medicines, psychological issues, etc. that can trigger insomnia.

Someone who wants to cure insomnia should start with clearing his bedroom of things that should not belong inside the room. Some of these things are the television, bicycles and office equipment. Laptops and phones should also be turned off and must be out of sight. He must also find some treatments that will best work for him.

The following are some tips on how to cure insomnia. He should limit intake of food and liquids especially caffeine two to three hours before going to sleep. The body needs to rest first before it can relax and send him off to sleep. He must not force himself to follow a new and different schedule to the one that he has been used to. Instead, he must study his own rhythm and silhouette his sleeping habits from them. He should also check the medication that he is taking to know if they are affecting his sleeping habits. And if they are doing damage to his sleep he must see his doctor and ask for medications that wouldn’t affect his sleeping habits. Being healthy affects the quality of sleep.

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He must exercise but not hours before bedtime. Some exercises that are advisable for people with insomnia are yoga, running and walking. He can also listen to relaxing music or read for about thirty minutes before sleeping. It is also advisable for him to keep a journal where he can list down all his worries and thoughts so he will stop thinking about them and know that he can deal with them the next day. If he is living with a partner with a different schedule, compromising will be good. He should talk to his partner and organize their schedules so they can complement each other. And the most helpful of all these tips, he should go to be and get out bed at the same time everyday.

Having insomnia can lead to lousiness and mood changes. It can also lower speed and work productivity. And worst, it can weaken the immune system making someone vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. It is vital to know how to cure insomnia to prevent bad results not just in the body but also in the environment.