How To Choose a Cause To Support

Many people in the world are in need. You only have to turn on the news to discover that there are many problems that infiltrate our society. You may have a little time or money to spend toward helping, but the choices can be overwhelming. While you may not be able to address all the world’s issues, you can choose a cause to support that is meaningful to you. How do you know which one to choose, though?

Pursue Your Values

What do you value? Chances are, there is something in your personal history that is going to make certain problems stand out to you. Your experience as a school teacher of underserved children, for example, may inspire a passion for human trafficking prevention. Don’t ignore your inclinations. When you support a cause that mirrors your own values and passions, you are more likely to stay involved.

Evaluate Groups

Once you find a particular passion, you may discover that there are several groups that raise money and awareness toward achieving the goals that are important to you. Not every group is equally effective, though. Look for groups that practice financial transparency. Any organization that accepts money for charity work should be open about how that money is spent. By doing some research before getting involved, you can find the group that meets the ethical standard you are looking for.

Start a Group

If you don’t find a group that is doing the work you want to do, there’s nothing wrong with starting your own organization. You can start small with just a few friends. The more people get interested, the more resources you may eventually have to do the work you really want to do.

You don’t have to solve all the world’s problems. All it takes to make a difference is to pursue one altruistic goal.