Get Ready For Winter With Flu Remedies That Work

Get Ready For Winter With Flu Remedies That Work

Along with cold weather comes the threat of different viruses that are commonly referred to as the flu. We run to the store and buy anything that mentions flu remedies and hope that it will shorten and alleviate the misery that we know is coming. There are a few packaged items that may dim the major ailments with their promise of flu remedies but nothing that cures the virus that is quickly settling in for a few days or longer.

Homeopathic medicine is not unlike a vaccination in the sense that its principle is to cure with products that produce the same symptoms as the illness. Our bodies have been weakened with our lack of care and eating whatever food suits our fancy. The body was not made to suffer the type of abuse that society today has thrown upon it and fatigue seems a regular state for some people, even before a virus strikes. Flu remedies are serious business for people in this type of category because they realize that their bodies aren’t able to take much more. Homeopathic medicine offers hope where over the counter drugs offer only symptom relief.

Getting started on the path to fight off this year’s viruses by stimulating the body’s natural immune responses is not that difficult. Flu remedies that use natural medicines will not only attack viruses that are hoping to set up camp in your body but will make you stronger and feel better overall. Homeopathic medicine used as a preventative measure or flu remedies can be found in health food stores or on the Internet. Choosing the right ingredients for your needs is the key. Different types of viruses may require different types of natural medicine for your situation.

For example, in 1918, the epidemic medicine for the Spanish flu was Gelsemium, which is still widely used today as a homeopathic agent in particular flu remedies. Gelsemium Sempervirens, or yellow jasmine is best known for curing tension headaches, colds and flu. Typical symptoms of the Gelsemium type flu are: a slow worsening over a 6-12 hours period; day 2 produces aching muscles, feeling pretty bad and a headache; next comes lethargy and fatigue; and finally, too exhausted to be emotional about matters. Flu remedies are created for many different types of viruses, depending on your symptoms.

Most are familiar with eucalyptus but may not know of the great healing properties associated with this plant. Often used in flu remedies, the properties help to kill viruses and bacteria and are produced in a powder form together with other healing herbs. The oil from the eucalyptus plant can be used in an oil diffuser or a humidifier to cut down on viral and bacteria in the air. This amazing plant can also kill bacteria in wounds when you add just a drop to a warm moistened compress and place over a wound.

Phytolacca Decandra is another great natural agent for working on inflamed lymphatic glands, a symptom suffered by many that do not use homeopathic flu remedies. Lending a powerful healing effect on fibrous and osseous tissues, your muscles and joints do not hurt as much during damp, cold weather, evenings and motion. Conium, also known as poisonous hemlock is yet another plant that can act as a natural painkiller when used in small doses, perfect for flu remedies.

For years, homeopathic experts have been following the viruses and perfecting the balances found in these plants along with other ingredients. One company actually changes different ingredients yearly to have the most effective flu remedies for viruses that are current and active according to researchers. They do not hide their ingredients but gladly list them for people who want to make the best decision possible on flu remedies.

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