Get Better Immunity From Alternative Medicine

Get Better Immunity From Alternative Medicine

Diseases are a part and parcel of daily life. Immunity of the body is the one that fights with the virus and the bacteria that causes these diseases. The present day approach to deal with daily life diseases is the use of allopathic medicines such as aspirin, antibiotics, analgesics etc. But this kind of approach is not holistic as it provides temporary results instead of removing the disease from the base. A world known inventor once said “”The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” These words are absolutely true because some things give better results when they are not made complex. In most cases complexity is the cause of problems. So to have simple remedy for disease is to use alternative medicine or the medicine which is made by use of natural products like herbs, plants etc. It also includes exercises that bring out body and mind coordination and the best example is yoga. One of the most developed art or the methodology to treat various diseases related to human body is homeopathy.

Homeopathy was developed in late 1790’s and used to treat patients with very dilute medicine. It is based on the fact to use the energy of the items available in nature to heal the body disturbances. Excess amount of energy can have negative impacts but very dilute systems can help to cure diseases. Substances like plants, herbs are given to a person to cause some kind of a symptom that builds up a body immunity to fight that symptom. This symptom may be a smaller part of the bigger disease but the immunity developed helps to fight the disease. Even the toxic substances can be introduced in small amounts to bring about the immunity. As in chemistry there is a principle known as “Like dissolves like”, in the same way on this principle homeopathy is based.

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Homeopathy is a very holistic treatment in which the whole body is treated at one time as a single unit. The best thing about this homeopathy as an alternative medicine is that it causes no harm to the body unlike the allopathic medicines. Even with wrong prescription or excess quantities it has no side effects. It is very effective and produces long term results if taken properly with necessary diet control. It boosts up the immune system instead of suppressing it.

As the coin always has two sides to it, in the same way there are some problems associated with homeopathy also. The main problem associated with this is availability and distribution. Though it is popular but it has not reached each and every individual as common day drugs like aspirin has. Pharmacy usually does not have whole bunch of medicines required for different kind of ailments which is kind of sad. Other problems include the unavailability of experienced practitioners in this field because mostly people get degrees in allopathic medicine. Moreover homeopathic medicines require a long period of time for complete treatment which is sometimes a problem for a patient to cope up with. Though the problems are there but they are not very vulnerable as they can be corrected over time with more people being interested towards alternative medicine.

These medicines are great alternative to allopathic medicines as they are very gentle for the body. Homeopathy is one the best alternative medicine which has more pros than cons. A patient just needs a proper dosage with regular exercise and diet chart to get efficient results. All the governments of major nations have already accredited this art.

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