Generic and Name Brand Medicines

Generic and Name Brand Medicines

When you’re prescribed medicine, sometimes you may not realize what you’re being prescribed is actually a generic version of a common medicine you may have heard of. Is there really that big a difference between the generic version of prescriptions and the name brand version? Sometimes name brand versions can be more costly, but does that mean they are less effective?

Name brand versions of medication are highly advertised, in magazines, on television, and in many other places. While they have the same active ingredient as generic brands, they can often be more expensive due to the advertising costs. While some people might look down on the fact that name brand medication costs more because of advertising, it can also mean that more people have tried the product and can vouch for its effectiveness.

Since name brand medications are more well-known, it can also be easier to incorporate them into complex medication schedules. For people with a lot of medications to take, they might choose to use a medication scheduler online to help them take all of the medicines on time. If you’re taking brand name medicine, you can make a schedule complete with photos of what the pills look like, so you won’t risk confusing prescriptions.

Some people claim that the name brand version of medications work more effectively than the generic brands, and while this may be true, the FDA has to approve all ingredients in any medication. Often times, generic medicines have the same side effects and precautions as name brand medications, but not any more of a risk than the name brand ones. The dosage amount is also usually the same.

Studies have found that some generic forms of medication are owned by the companies that distribute the name brand ones, so either way, the patient and medical insurance are sending their money to the same place. Generic medications usually don’t look as interesting or colorful as the name brand ones. Some people think that they are manufactured in worse facilities than name brand medications, but the FDA requires that all medications sold in the U.S. be manufactured in regulated places.

If you’re using a medication schedule to help you remember when to take our prescriptions, you’ll need to put in the dosage amount and how frequently you’ll be taking it. Good medication schedule websites will not only include name brand medications, but generic ones as well. They will also have an option to remind you when it is time to refill your medication.

If you have any questions about name brand and generic medications or how to set up the proper medication schedule for your prescriptions, don’t hesitate to ask your physician. They can even help you set up a medication schedule that works for you and your lifestyle. They will be able to tell you when to take each medicine and how much to take. While generic and name brand medications are essentially the same, it’s still important to take them as directed.

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