Four Ways You Can Help Your Neighborhood School

If you’re trying to be a good citizen who supports your local community, there are few ways to be more effective than by helping at your local neighborhood school. Too often, people assume that their taxes are enough to ensure that their neighborhood schools are performing well. Or, they believe that only parents of children attending that school are responsible for ensuring that the school and its graduates are taken care of. However, the truth is that everyone in a community benefits from a well-funded school with an active student body. Not only does a successful school help create a future generation of leaders, it raises your property values right now. Fortunately, you can help. Here are four ideas to get you started.

Support Your Local School’s Library

Too often, neighborhood schools lack the resources needed to have a complete and up-to-date library for their students. One way you can help improve your local school library is by running or participating in a book drive. This will allow you to collect a large number of books that can then be donated to the school’s library. Another way to help is by donating journals to the library. For example, donate a subscription to a dental journal like the Journal of Implant and Advanced Clinical Dentistry to the library. You never know how having the latest information may help a student with their research or even inspire them on their career path.

Volunteer to Run Afterschool Programs

Assuming you can pass the necessary background checks, your local school may be thrilled to have your volunteer support, especially after school. Do you have a talent you can share with the students? Can you play a musical instrument, have a knack with computers, or are you a skilled woodworker? Consider calling your local school and asking about opportunities to volunteer with afterschool programs and events.

Raise Money for The PTA

In many school districts, the state funds are not enough to cover everything needed by the students. In that case, the Parent Teacher Association often works to fill in the gaps. Unfortunately, in neighborhoods that are not already wealthy, many PTAs are lacking the necessary funds. You don’t have to just give them money, though. Take the initiative and organize a fundraiser for the PTA in your neighborhood. Let everyone work together to help out.

Lobby Your Politicians

Finally, make sure your elected officials know that you care about your neighborhood school. Too often, politicians think that vouchers or other give-aways are better than investing in their local communities. Let them know that you value your neighborhood school and want your tax dollars to support it.

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