Find the Root of Your Insomnia Cause to Find a Good Night of Sleep

Find the Root of Your Insomnia Cause to Find a Good Night of Sleep

The insomnia cause you have been looking for might very well be one or more of the things you do every day. These things could be keeping you from getting a restful night sleep. Don’ worry we will go over a few things that can be your best sleep aids.

– Do you have alcohol before bed?

– Do you keep a TV in your bedroom turned on at night?

– Do you have anything with caffeine (even decaffeinated

drinks have some caffeine) before bed?

If yes was the answer to any of these questions your insomnia cause could be what you are doing.

Don’t feel guilty, every day millions of people do things that they don’t know will cause them sleepless nights. We have certain routines that we are used to and never thought twice that they might be keeping us awake. Have a look at the below list to see if there are things you do every day that cause you to need help falling asleep.

– Turning on the news before bed

– Exercising too close to bedtime

– Making a TO DO LIST that is too long (thinking about what you didn’t get done)

– Having too much coffee during the day

– Thinking about the uncertainty of tomorrow

As easy as it is for us to be our insomnia cause it is just as easy to help ourselves when overcoming insomnia. Start small change a few habits you may have. Be real when it comes to what you can do in one day. Do not try to do everything on your to do list. Heck, maybe even schedule some time for yourself to do nothing but relax. Just this change can help you get a better night sleep.

The National Sleep Foundation did a study and found that people sleep 20% less today than we did 25 years ago. Believe it or not, the cost that goes along with this lack of sleep is an estimated $150 Billion dollars.

The cost for you is:

– Problems focusing

– Bad test results

– Your performance at work suffers

– Problems with friends or loved ones

Those are only a few examples of what can go wrong if you don’t get enough sleep. I bet you have had other things happen when you didn’t get enough sleep.

Your partner might be your insomnia cause as well.

Does your partner steal the covers or snore loudly? If they are anxious about something and they toss and turn at night they could be your insomnia cause. Have him or her read this and between the two of you maybe you can come up with solutions for your best sleep aids.

If you are doing some of the above things you just might be your own insomnia cause.