Fall Asleep Quickly

Fall Asleep Quickly

Now, more than ever before, more and more people are resorting to using natural sleep aids, prescription medicines and various other calming and soothing techniques, in an effort to fall asleep fast, effectively and effortlessly. But are we using the right methods in our approach, in order to guarantee a good night’s sleep?

For many, the answer would be a resounding yes. The prime objective is to sleep; therefore the focus is on the actual sleep pattern, not quite so much on how we get there. It’s a fact of life that we do need to sleep for at least six hours or so, in every twenty four hour period, as a means of refreshing our physical selves.

Without sleep, we begin to crumble around the edges, quite literally. Sleeping allows our brains to rest, our bodies to rejuvenate, in order that we can think and operate at the levels that nature intended for us. A period of restful sleep provides the brain with the ability to maintain a normal level of cognitive functions.

Without sleep, our memories would become affected, our speech and ability to think straight, fast and on our feet, would deteriorate. Sleeping provides us with the means to recoup and refresh much in the same way that a flat battery performs at its optimum level, once it’s spent a period of time being recharged.

A lack of sleep can and will cause us to function poorly, to make mistakes, leaving us tired, miserable and irritable. A long term sleep deficit can become severely debilitating and anyone that’s suffered from chronic insomnia can attest to that fact. This is why many of us need to relearn old habits, many of which were formed in childhood but have become lost as adulthood has encroached.

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Way back when, as the day ended, we were put to bed, gently and calmly, having been soothed and relaxed prior to falling asleep. Our rooms were comfortable, calming and free from clutter. Our minds had less to focus on; no bills or deadlines, no dinners to prepare or huge laundry piles to attend to.

Perhaps that’s our problem – we’ve forgotten how to relax, how to declutter our lives. We’ve forgotten how to fall asleep fast, and wake up renewed and invigorated. Maybe many of us need to refocus on old habits, those formed when we were children and life was less complicated. The answer may lie in learning how to sleep like a baby, in order that we really do sleep – like a baby.