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How to Choose a Shower Filter for Your Home Installing a shower filter is important to protect you and your family against the effects of chlorine including congenital disabilities, cancer of the bladder and other complications. While adding chlorine as a disinfectant to water has its benefits, it cannot outweigh the risk that our bodies are exposed to. Today, there are a lot of shower filters available in the market each varying in style, price, color, and configuration. On the other hand, only limited brands of shower filters can guarantee you better performance. The first step to getting the best shower filter is to shop around before actually settling on one. Check the products reputation through online reviews and customer testimonials to see if it meets your requirements. Besides, you can also shop around in various stores and inquire about the pros and cons of each brand. An excellent filter will get rid of the bad smell and toxic elements of chlorine which can be inhaled through the shower steam and into your pores. Similarly, it is essential that you consider certain features of a shower filter based on your needs. For instance, some shower filters are fitted with inbuilt sensor which will tell you when to change the cartridge. Others are sold together with their shower head designed to reduce the water pressure, balance the PH to retain body oil as well as soften hair. Besides, some shower filters have a unique feature of being used in hot water as well as cold water and also contains different spray patterns. It is therefore important that you examine the features available and consider a shower filter that will meet your needs.
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Also, before selecting a shower filter, consider your budget. Generally, shower filters have competitive prices while others are costly due to their high-quality performance. Another important factor to consider is the price and availability of cartridges required for replacements. Some less expensive filters only remove half of the chlorine while expensive, high-quality shower filters get rid of a higher percentage of chlorine and other contaminants.
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Durability of shower filters is also very vital when you are purchasing a shower filter. An excellent shower filter should last for a period of 6-9 or more before needing to change the cartridge. The length of time before you change your filter will greatly depend on how long your shower lasts and the frequency of the shower. Last but not least, decide whether you want to buy a shower filter or a water filtration system to filter out the entire household. It is a hard task to install a water system and it is also very costly.

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