Do Ayurvedic Treatments Really Work? Here’s the Complete Guide

Ayurveda has been practiced in India for at least 5000 years, yet it has gained much popularity recently. People have started taking it seriously as an extensive alternative way to deal with a number of the body’s functions. So is it actually effective, or is it simply the most recent pretense pushed by the marketing gurus? Let’s have a look.


Alternative medicine and modern medicine seem to never agree with each other’s philosophies, however, they truly need to gel up and learn from each other. Ayurvedic practices have been practiced effectively for a long time and are gaining traction in terms of popularity from mainstream media.

The Claim

Ayurveda is not backed by any organization, so there aren’t any cases made on an official premise. Be that as it may, there are numerous individuals filling in as a representative of the techniques and they assert a wide range of things can be treated with Ayurvedic medications and practices. Nearly anything related to leading a healthy life and enhancing wellbeing is reasonable for them to advertise.

Many Ayurvedic practitioners have claimed to heal issues like migraines, spinal pains, tumor, coronary illness, liver ailment, irritation, heartburn, etc.

The Hype

The hype came after it got the mainstream attention. As the number of individuals is getting interested in Ayurveda, the probability that it will be misrepresented has gone way high. At a point when people from various walks of life start taking Ayurveda seriously is when it will go under a severe scrutiny by the critics to see if it really offers what it claims.

The Cost

One of the best advantages of this treatment is that there isn’t much to purchase and the cost associated with it is much less compared to modern medicine. Most procedures revolving around Ayurveda just include oils and most of the cures utilize cheap ingredients that one can find in their nearby merchant store or grocery shop.

The Commitment

The fact with Ayurveda is that you have to follow it religiously and its practices to see the full results. Some of the techniques can sound somewhat abnormal and plain weird when you initially hear them. Be that as it may, once you think about it seriously, they do make sense and are in tandem with our body’s soul.


One of the fascinating highlights of Ayurveda is that it breaks your body type into three unique possibilities. These are Pitta, Kapha, and Vata. There are numerous surveys online that will enable you to figure out which body type you are. When you make sense of what sort of body type you have, there are particular nourishments that you ought to and ought not to eat. There are additionally particular circumstances amid the day when it’s best to eat. Your sustenance decisions ought to likewise change with the seasons.

In short, Ayurveda has a lot to offer, but care has to be taken that we get guidance from qualified Ayurvedic practitioners. When we get the right kind of treatment, Ayurveda has potential to change our lives forever.