Animal and Pet Alternative Healings

Pet and animal alternative holistic healing is done on many scales, as there are multiple forms that can be used for your beloved counter-parts.
The five most common holistic healings for animals cover pretty much all basis for the animals holistic health:
1. Energy Healing2. Chakra Work3. Crystal Healing4. Flower Essences5. Massage
Energy healing can cover a lot of topics and areas, as there are multiple forms out in today’s society to work with energy. The best ones to use for animal work are the original form of Reiki, Usui Reiki, or any other kind of animal healing energy form.
Chakra work varies a bit from that of humans, but the issues that correspond to each chakra are the same. To work with animal chakras, please make sure you know where they are located, as again these lie differently within the animals energy field as well as how to run the energy flow through them.
Crystal healing is a wonderful asset for animals as well. Animals respond much more quickly to crystal energies with sessions, so please make sure you have an open mind and cleansed your own energy fields before starting a crystal session on a pet or animal. Crystals can transfer your own energy to the animal, so you do not want to transfer any negative or stagnent energy to them.
Flower essences are wonderful to use on humans and animals alike, as they respond rather quickly and effortlessly with them. You can also use etheric flower remedies once you have been attuned to the appropriate energy forms, as these are much easier to use and you can make them yourself.
Pet and animal massages are also a wonderful way to relax and heal your loved one with a physical touch. Please make sure you do know where to start, proceed and finish before starting a task like this, especially on a larger or more aggressive animal.